Automated Tournament Dollar Exchange

Enter your trade details in the form below and follow the insructions.

The amount we pay will be displayed here.
Trades will be completed within 1 minute after you enter your trade details into the PokerStars client.
For more information about PokerStars Tournament Dollars (T$, T€) click here.


What are Pokerstars T$ (Tournament Dollars)?
Can Tournament Dollars be cashed out?
Can I sell a Tournament Ticket?
No, you cannot sell tournament tickets.

Tournament tickets are non-transferable and must be used for tournament play.
Is this safe?
Yes! All trades are completed by PokerStars.

The only way to trasnfer tournament dollars is through the "reqests > tournament money" menu in the Pokerstars client. The only time that money is exchanged is when PokerStars receives two matching trade requests. If the amounts and details don't match, the trade doesn't happen.
Why do I see an "amounts don't match" error?
You have to enter the exact same numbers that our trade system has entered.

If you see this message, please contact us.
How long do trades take to complete?
Trades are completed as soon as PokerStars receives two matching trades.

Our automated system enters trades every 60 seconds. You should never have to wait more than 1 minute after entering the trade details on PokerStars. Please contact us if it's been more than 1 minute.
What username do I sell to?